Mackenzie here! Well, it's good to be back. Dr. Kahler took the time to show Garrett how we use the acoustic doppler velocimeter in the river to get a measurement of flow for this transect site - so I watched for a while and caught some rays. 😎

Sitting on the bank of the beautiful Mutale River in Limpopo, I can't help but contemplate how lucky I feel to be here. It's absolutely stunning, this little corner of Africa. It's the most beautiful valley you'll ever see. In fact, beautiful views are readily available here; we're extremely close to Kruger, a national park that works very hard on animal conservation and biodiversity protection, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to visit there twice. But seeing all this beauty and all of the value of this place throws into sharp relief that what is not so readily available in this area: consistent access to clean water from the municipality.

The struggle for access to water includes affordability, as man…

Numerical Model of a Dead-end Pore

This is a two-dimensional axisymmetric model of water flowing down an idealized (cylindrical) channel and encountering an idealized dead-end pore (rapid expansion).  The dark blue shows the significantly slower movement in the dead-end pore; although, there is some motion in the form of a recirculation eddy.  This is to better model different dynamics built on previous work reported in Water Resources Research.

Journal article promoted!

Two new papers:
Kahler, D. M., & Kabala, Z. J. (2019). Acceleration of Groundwater Remediation by Rapidly Pulsed Pumping: Laboratory Column Tests. Journal of Environmental Engineering, 145(1), 06018009.

This appeared in the Jan 2019 ASCE newsletter.

Kahler, D. M., & Kabala, Z. J. (2018). Rapidly Pulsed Pumping Accelerates Remediation in A Vertical Circulation Well Model. Water, 10(10), 1423.